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Business units

Use business units to segment your organization’s certificate issuance and management.

Use any logical or functional segmentation criteria that works best for you, for example to separate physical office locations, teams, or other functional divisions of your company where you want to track or limit certificate issuance volumes or users, or apply different certificate policies and enrollment methods for security reasons.

You can also use business units to split up different types of issuance—one business unit dedicated to BYoD device certificate issuance, another for employee certificates, a third for private server certificates, and so on.

  • You get a Default Business Unit when you get your account. We recommend that you create your own business units to suit your needs.

  • Each business unit is allocated seats, which determines the maximum number and type of end-entity certificates available. You can change seat allocations later if needed.

  • You can create certificate profiles to enroll new certificates in different business units. Each certificate profile is assigned to a single business unit and gets certificates from a single issuing CA.

  • Each business unit can have its own administrators with the appropriate user roles needed to manage all the digital trust assets in that business unit.