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The Inventory page is the central location where you manage all your digital trust assets in DigiCert​​®​​ Trust Lifecycle Manager. It includes all certificates that have been discovered, imported, or enrolled in your account.

DigiCert​​®​​ Trust Lifecycle Manager is CA agnostic. From the Inventory page, you can monitor and manage:

  • Private trust certificates issued by DigiCert® CA Manager.

  • Private trust certificates imported into your account from external private CAs.

  • Public and private trust certificates imported or issued from external CAs via connectors.

  • Certificates set up for lifecycle management via our managed automation tools or third-party ACME clients.

  • Certificates found throughout your public and private enterprise infrastructure via network scans or integrated discovery tools.

In addition, the Inventory page includes any unsecured IP/port targets found on your network, so you can use the automation tools to deploy certificates and secure them.