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Sign a PDF with true-Sign V and Adobe Acrobat Reader


Review and sign

  1. Right-click on the file you want to sign.

  2. Select Open with > Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  3. In Adobe Acrobat Reader, navigate to: More Tools > Certificates in the right-hand side menu.

  4. Select Certificates.

  5. In the certificates toolbar on the top, select Digitally Sign.

  6. Drag a rectangle with the mouse where you want the signature to be placed.

  7. In the new dialog box for certificate selection, select the certificate you want to use, then select Continue.


    You may adjust the appearance of the signature before it is placed on the document in this dialog box.

  8. Select Sign.


    Edit the file name to differentiate the signed PDF from the unsigned one.

  9. Navigate to your mobile authenticator application to complete 2FA and confirm your identity.


    • For Go>Sign Mobile:

      Navigate to Go>Sign Mobile application > Authorization request > select Authorize.

    • For Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator or Okta: 

      Enter the six-digit code provided in your mobile authenticator application.