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Restore SAML Single Sign-on for CertCentral accounts

Did you turn off SAML Single Sign-on (SSO) for your account? Do you need to restore Single Sign-on access so your CertCentral users can use SSO to sign in to their CertCentral accounts again?

Don't worry. You can reconfigure SAML SSO for your account and restore SSO access to your CertCentral users.

To restore access, make sure you've met these prerequisites:

  • Have your IdP metadata (dynamic or static).

  • Have what you need to match your SSO-only CertCentral users to their SAML users (Name ID field or attribute).

Items to note

  • If the CertCentral user's data is omitted from the IdP metadata, the user won't be able to use SSO to sign in to their account.

  • If the attribute used to match the CertCentral user to their SAML user has changed, users won't be able to use SSO to sign in to their accounts (e.g., username changed from to

For details about configuring SAML SSO for your CertCentral account, see Configure SAML Single Sign-On.