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Allow access to SAML Settings permission

Once SAML is enabled for your account, all administrators (existing or new) automatically have permissions to access SAML features: Single Sign-on and SAML certificate requests.

Assigning permissions

By default, managers can't access the SAML features in your account. The Allow Access to SAML Settings permission allows account managers to access the SAML features and help manage your Single Sign-on configuration and SSO account users.


Only administrators can assign the SAML permission to a manager.

To add the SAML permission to a manager, assign the SAML permissions to their role (e.g., Manager + Allow access to SAML settings).

Additionally, if there is an existing manager that needs SAML permissions, edit their user account and add the SAML permissions to their role.

Manage users with the SAML permission

On the CertCentral Users page (in the sidebar menu, click Account > Users), you can see which managers can access the SAML features. Those with SAML permissions will have SAML Admin next to their role (Manager, SAML Admin).


Administrators are automatically given the SAML Settings permission. You'll never see SAML Admin next to the Admin role on the Users page.