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Turn off SAML Single Sign-on

Delete your SAML SSO federation settings

If needed, you can turn off SAML Single Sign-on (SSO) for your CertCentral account.

Turning off SAML SSO:

  • Deletes all SSO federation settings.

  • Prevents SAML SSO-only users from signing in to their account until they create a CertCentral account password (see What's next).


Turn off SSO and delete settings only appears if you've configured SAML SSO for your account (i.e., turned it on).

Delete federation settings

  1. In your CertCentral account, in sidebar menu, click Settings > Single Sign-On.

  2. On the Single Sign-on (SSO) page, click Edit Federation Settings.

  3. On the Federation Settings page, click Turn off SSO and delete settings.

  4. In the Turn off SSO and delete settings window, read through the information and make sure you understand what deleting the federation settings will do.


    We don’t store your federation settings. Deleting your federation settings can't be undone.

  5. When you're ready, click Turn off SSO and delete settings.

What's next

SAML Single Sign-on is turned off for your account. SAML SSO-only users won't be able to sign in to their accounts until they create a CertCentral account password.

Initiate the password set up process

To initiate the password setup process for your SAML SSO-only users, edit each SAML SSO-only user account and remove the SAML SSO-only restriction. After saving your changes, an email is sent to the user with instructions for setting up their CertCentral account credentials and signing in to their CertCentral account. See Convert a SAML SSO-only or SAML SSO account user.

Turn on or restore SAML SSO