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Software Trust Managerの要件

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

2FA is required when signing with a key stored in Software Trust Manager.

To enable 2FA:

  1. Sign in to DigiCert ONE.

  2. Navigate to the Manager menu icon (top right) > Accounts.

  3. Select the Name of the account.

  4. On the Account details page, navigate to the Sign-in settings for all-account-access users section.

  5. Select the pencil icon next to Two-factor authentication.

  6. Select the radio button next to Enable two-factor authentication.

  7. Select Update two-factor authentication.


APIトークンを作成するには、システム以外のアカウントでDigiCert Oneにログインし、アカウントマネージャ > アクセス > APIトークン > APIトークンを作成に移動します。


The permissions for the API token are based upon your user role set in DigiCert​​®​​ KeyLocker.

To create an API key:

  1. Sign in to DigiCert ONE.

  2. Click Profile icon (top-right).

  3. Select Admin Profile.

  4. Identify the On this page section (right), select API tokens.

  5. Select Create API token.


鍵ペアの生成、鍵ペアのインポート、またはクライアントツールでの署名には、MFA が必要です。DigiCert​​®​​ Software Trust Managerクライアントツールは、クライアント証明書を第二認証要素として使用します。


The permissions for the client authentication certificate are based upon your user role set in DigiCert​​®​​ KeyLocker.


  1. DigiCert Oneにログインし、アカウントマネージャ > アクセス > クライアント認証に移動します。

  2. クライアント認証証明書の生成するを選択します。

  3. Select Admin Profile.

  4. Identify the On this page section (right), select Authentication Certificates.

  5. 証明書を識別するための名前と有効期限を入力します。


The client certificate password is only shown once after creating the client certificate, it cannot be accessed again. Copy and paste the password directly into this field. Securely store the passcode if you will require it later.

Host environment

During environment variable setup, you are required to provide the DigiCert ONE host value:

Software Trust Managerのツール

クライアント側のツールは、DigiCert​​®​​ Software Trust Managerの管理ポータルから入手できます。

  1. DigiCert​​®​​ Software Trust Manager > リソース > クライアントツール

  2. Select the Manager meu (top-right) > DigiCert​​®​​ KeyLocker.

  3. Navigate to: Resources > Client tool repository.

  4. Download the appropriate files, move them to the appropriate client computer, and extract (or install).

The following client tools are available:

Set PATH environment variables

Operating systems use the environment variable called PATH to determine where executable files are stored on your system. Use the PATH environment variable to store the file path to your signing tools to ensure that the CLI can reference these signing tools.


Client tools must be available in the PATH variable for the environment to invoke the client control from CI/CD integration without specifying the path. For the examples given, it is assumed that the path to the client control tools has been set in the path.

Secure your credentials

Your DigiCert ONE host environment, API key, client authentication certificate and password makes up your environment variables and are required to access DigiCert​​®​​ KeyLocker client tools. Use one of the methods provided below to securely store your credentials based on your operating system.