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As of March 19, 2024, DigiCert​​®​​ KeyLocker certificates will have a standard DigiCert​​®​​ KeyLocker service fee regardless of the validity period of the certificate. This fee entitles you to a limit of one signer and 1,000 signatures per certificate. You can increase your signature limit at any time by purchasing additional signatures in increments of 1,000.


On November 3, 2023, DigiCert updated the KeyLocker licensing terms. The change aligns the service terms with a new policy restricting customers to 1000 signature limit per KeyLocker certificate and one signer designated to each code signing certificate stored in KeyLocker. These terms only affect customers who purchased code signing certificates after November 3, 2023.

Signature limit

Each KeyLocker code signing certificate enables you to generate up to 1,000 signatures during the certificate lifecycle. Additional signatures may be purchased separately in increments of 1,000 to increase your signature limit.


The signature limit is tied to the certificate's validity, therefore any remaining signatures cannot be transferred to another certificate. To increase your signature limit, you may purchase additional signatures in CertCentral at any point as long as your certificate is still valid.

User limit

You can add multiple users to your KeyLocker account, however only one user can be assigned per certificate. An account user with the KeyLocker lead role can update the assigned user at any time during the certificate lifecycle.