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Resend the verified contact approval email

Learn how to resend the verified contact approval email for a pending certificate request that requires verified contact approval.


Currently, you can only resend the approval email for pending EV TLS/SSL certificate requests.

Before you begin

  • DigiCert can only send the approval email to the verified contacts we have validated as representing the organization on the certificate request.

  • You can only resend the approval email to a verified contact after DigiCert has validated the contact. Only validated contacts appear in the resend approval email recipient lists.

Resend approval email

  1. In your CertCentral account, in the left main menu, go to Certificates > Orders.

  2. On the Orders page, in the Order column, select the order number of the pending EV TLS/SL certificate request.

  3. On the certificate's Order details page, in the Certificate status section, under What do you need to do, below Order Approval, select Resend approval email.

  4. In the Resend Approval Emails window, in the Select verified contacts box, do the following items as needed:

    • See who we sent the approval email to the last time it was sent.

    • Remove and add approvers as needed.

  5. When ready, select Send.

What's next

You resent the approval email and last sent date on the Order details page has been updated. If needed, come back and resend the approval email.