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Manage inventory

To manage your digital trust assets:

  • From the main menu, select Inventory.

  • Hover the certificate common name and select one of the management actions on the right:

    • Icons are provided for key actions. Hover each icon for a basic description of the corresponding action.

    • Additional actions are provided from the actions (three dots) menu.

  • Alternatively, select the certificate's common name to view the details and manage it.


Available management and bulk management actions for a certificate depend on the certificate status, issuing CA, and whether automated lifecycle management is enabled.

Certificate management actions

Available actions may include:

  • Download a certificate in Base64-encoded format.

  • Renew, reissue, revoke, suspend, and restore existing certificates.

  • View the audit trail or update the business unit for a certificate.

  • For systems set up for automated lifecycle management:

    • Request to issue and install new DigiCert certificates on any unsecured IP addresses/ports on connected load balancers.

    • For existing certificates, use the icons to renew, reissue, get your next certificate (multi-year plans), or switch to DigiCert from a different certificate authority.

Manage certificates in bulk

Available bulk actions may include revoke, suspend, resume, download, or recover certificates.

To bulk manage multiple certificates at once:

  1. From the main Inventory view, check the boxes next to the certificates you want to manage.

  2. Select a bulk action from the dropdown menu to the right of the common name for one of the selected certificates.