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复制 SSL/TLS 证书

所有 DigiCert 证书都可以无限次免费重复颁发。为了增强安全性并简化在多个服务器上安装证书的步骤,请生成新的 CSR 并为每个服务器创建副本证书。

副本证书中的详细信息与原始证书完全相同。副本证书不需要 DigiCert 吊销之前的证书副本。

Before you begin

Duplicate certificates require you to complete the domain and organization validation before requesting the certificate. Unlike the reissue process, the duplicate certificate process does not include a workflow for validating domains and organizations.

副本证书中的详细信息与原始证书完全相同。副本证书不需要 DigiCert 吊销之前的证书副本。

Unfortunately, DV TLS/SSL certificates do not allow duplicates. This is because domain validation for a DV certificate request only applies to issuing that specific certificate. So, each time you request a DV TLS/SSL certificate, you must demonstrate control over the domains on that request.

To get a duplicate DV TLS/SSL certificate, reissue your certificate instead.



  1. Generate CSR

    To duplicate an SSL/TLS certificate, you must generate a new CSR. For more information about creating a CSR, see the Create a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) knowledge base article.

  2. Sign in to your account

    CertCentral sign-in page.

  3. Fill out the Request Duplicate form

    1. In the left menu, go to Certificates > Orders.

    2. On the Orders page, select the Order # of the certificate you want a duplicate of.

    3. On the certificate's Order # details page, in the Certificate actionsdropdown, select Request duplicate.

    4. Fill out the Request Duplicate certificate form, update the certificate details as needed, and submit the request.

      1. Add your CSR

        Upload or paste your CSR in the form.

      2. Certificate validity

        By default, a duplicate expiration date matches the certificate you are duplicating.

        Next, to Certificate details, select the pencil (edit icon) to modify the validity date if needed.

      3. Signature hash

        In the dropdown, select a different signature hash if needed.

      4. Server platform

        In the dropdown, select the server platform on which you will install the certificate.

  4. DigiCert issues the duplicate SSL/TLS certificate

    Once approved, we issue and email the duplicate certificate to the certificate contact. You can also download the duplicate certificate from your account and specify the format. See Download a certificate from your account.

  5. Install your duplicate SSL/TLS certificate

    Install and configure the new certificate. For more information about installing your certificate, see our SSL Certificate Installation Instructions and Tutorials page.