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Replace the technical contact

Learn how to replace a technical contact

When adding an organization to your account, you must also add an organization contact. When adding an organization contact, that person also acts as the technical contact. The technical contact is someone DigiCert may contact for inquiries regarding certificate orders for the organization.

Can I replace the technical contact and make someone else the default technical contact for the organization? Yes, you can replace the technical contact from the organization's details page.

Before you begin

Items to note when replacing technical contact:

  • The new technical contact replaces the one currently assigned to the organization.

  • Replacing the technical contact is not retroactive and does not affect existing certificate orders, issued or pending.

  • Replacing the technical contact does not affect organization validation.


Because a technical contact is not required, you can delete the technical contact. Deleting the technical contact means this individual will no longer be included on new certificate requests or receive emails for new certificate orders for the organization.

Remember, deleting the technical contact does not remove them from the existing certificate orders or pending certificate requests where they are included as the technical contact.

Replace the technical contact

  1. In your CertCentral Account, go to Certificates > Organizations.

  2. On the Organizations page, in the Name column, select the organization.

  3. On the organization's details page, in the Organization Contacts section, select the replace contact icon next to Technical contact.

  4. In the Replace contact popup window, do one of the following:

    • Replace the technical contact with an existing contact

      1. Select Existing contact.

      2. In the Contacts dropdown, select the contact.

      3. If needed, add a job title and phone number for the contact.

      4. Select Replace.

    • Replace the technical contact by adding a new contact

      1. Select New contact.

      2. Enter the contact information: first and last name, job title, email address, and phone number.

      3. Select Replace.

What's next

You will see the newly assigned technical contact the next time you order a certificate that includes the technical contact.