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Duplicate an SSL/TLS certificate

DigiCert OV and EV TLS/SSL certificates come with unlimited free duplicate issues. To increase security and make it easier to install the certificate on multiple servers, generate a new CSR and request a duplicate certificate for each server.


Duplicate certificates require domain and organization validation to be done before you request the certificate. Note that the duplicate certificate process does not include a workflow for validating domains and organizations.

The details in the duplicate certificate will be exactly the same as in the original certificate. Duplicate certificates never require DigiCert to revoke previous copies of your certificate.

Create a duplicate certificate

To get a duplicate certificate, follow the steps below.

  1. Generate CSR

    To duplicate an SSL/TLS certificate, you must generate a new CSR. For more information about creating a CSR, see the Create a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) knowledge base article.

  2. Sign in to your account

    CertCentral sign-in page.

  3. Fill out the Request Duplicate form

    1. In the left menu, go to Certificates > Orders.

    2. On the Orders page, select the Order # of the certificate you want a duplicate of.

    3. On the certificate's Order # details page, in the Certificate Actionsdropdown, select Request duplicate.

    4. Fill out the Request Duplicate form, update the certificate details as needed, and submit the request.

  4. DigiCert issues the duplicate SSL/TLS certificate

    Once approved, we issue the duplicate certificate and send it to the certificate contact via email. You can also download the duplicate certificate from your account. See Download a certificate from your account.

  5. Install your duplicate SSL/TLS certificate

    Install and configure the new certificate. For more information about installing your certificate, see our SSL Certificate Installation Instructions and Tutorials page.