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Unapproved user invitations expire 60 days from when the invitation was created.


  1. 在您的 CertCentral 帳戶的資訊看板功能表中,按一下帳戶 > 使用者邀請

  2. 建立的日期旁邊的使用者列中,選取詳細資料

  3. 使用者受邀目的地頁面中,檢閱使用者提供的資料。選取核准

  4. 核准使用者邀請視窗中,設定使用者的角色和帳戶存取權限:

    1. Assign the user to divisions

      This option only appears if you've created divisions in your CertCentral account. See Unrestricted versus restricted.

      1. Check Restrict this user to specific divisions.

      2. In the User is restricted to the following divisions dropdown, select the divisions the user can access.

    2. Assign a user role

      Under Role, select a role for the user: Standard User, Manager, Finance Manager, Administrator. See Roles and account access.

      Under Standard User, check Limit to placing and managing their own orders to assign the user a Limited User role. A limited user can only view and access their own orders.

    3. Add an approval message

      In the Approval Message To Invitee box, enter the message you want to include in the approval email. This message is saved in your CertCentral account records.

  5. 當您完成時,按一下核准



User invite expiration and deletion process

  • User invitations with the status Invitation Sent

    CertCentral user invites expire 30 days from the time they are first sent.


    Resending the invitation does not reset the invitation created date. After 30 days, you must send a new invitation.

  • User invitations with the status Needs Administrator Approval

    Unapproved user invitations expire 60 days from when the invitation was created.

  • User invitation 365-day lifetime

    After 365 days, user invitations are removed from your CertCentral account: Invitation Sent, Needs Administrator Approval, Approved, Rejected, Canceled, and Expired