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Configure custom email notifications for certificate expiration

Follow these steps to configure custom email notifications to send when third-party certificates expire:

  1. Upload the certificates into DigiCert​​®​​ Trust Lifecycle Manager with the tag_name parameter set.

    To learn more, see Upload certificates with REST API.

  2. Configure a custom email notification for that tag name:

    1. In the Trust Lifecycle Manager main menu, select Settings > Notifications.

    2. Hover the default notification called Uploaded certificate expiring and select the copy icon to clone it.

    3. Fill out the form to configure the custom notification:

      • Notification name: Assign a friendly name to this notification.

      • Additional criteria: Select Tags in the first dropdown. Select an operator in the second dropdown and specify the certificate tags you want to target with this notification, as set in the tag_name parameter when uploading the certificates.

      • Notice windows: Select when notifications should be sent out relative to certificate expiration.

      • Recipients: Select the email recipients.

      • Email template: Keep the default email content or customize as needed.

    4. Select Save to finish adding the new email notification.

Let op

Imported certificates that do not contain an email address in either the SAN (RFC822Name) or SubjectDN (Email) field cannot be sent any email notifications. A warning will be displayed in the audit logs for those certificates.