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DigiCert​​®​​ Document Trust Manager uses seats as validation unit.

Seat consumption

Your organization's DigiCert ONE account comes with a specific number of seats. Seats get tracked and consumed through their associated validations. By default, one seat is reserved per validation standard. Each user can hold up a maximum of 3 validation standards (Qualified, Advanced+ and Basic).

Seats are consumed if the validation is approved. Holding multiple certificates of the same validation standard does not consume additional seats.

Reasons seats are added back to the pool:

  • Validation is rejected.

  • User aborts their validation process before it is approved.

  • User is deleted from the system and then the pending validation is cancelled.


    This only applies to validations that have not been approved. If the validation is approved, then the seat is consumed and cannot be added back to the pool.

Cancelling validations

You can only cancel validations that have not been approved.