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Get more KeyLocker signatures

How to get more signatures for your code signing certificate provisioned in DigiCert® KeyLocker

When provisioning your code signing certificate with its private key in DigiCert® KeyLocker, our cloud-based HSM, you get 1,000 signatures with your initial purchase (new or renewal); see Signature limit. However, you may purchase additional signatures for the certificate separately to enable additional signings.


Signature purchases not yet available for subaccounts.

Before you begin

You can purchase signatures as needed to meet your code signing needs. When approaching the signature limit for your code signing certificate in KeyLocker, a banner will appear on the certificate's order details page in your CertCentral account. The banner lets you know how many signatures remain and includes a link for purchasing more signatures.


  • Only administrators and managers in your CertCentral account can get more signatures for a code signing certificate in KeyLocker.

  • Standard and limited users and finance managers must contact their administrator or manager to get more signatures.

Items to note about signature purchase

  • Signatures are linked to the code signing certificate and its validity.

  • Signatures cannot be transferred to another certificate.

  • Remaining signatures are not carried over when you renew the certificate.

  • When your certificate expires, any remaining signatures expire.

  • If you revoke your certificate, any remaining signatures are nullified.

What if I don't see an option to purchase more signatures?

You must contact your DigiCert account manager to purchase more signatures. When approaching the signature limit for your code signing certificate in KeyLocker, you will also see a banner in your CertCentral account. This banner lets you know how many signatures remain and instructs you to contact your account manager to get more signatures.


To sign code with a certificate in KeyLocker, you must be assigned to it. Only one user can be assigned to a code signing certificate at a time. A KeyLocker account user with the KeyLocker lead role can update the assigned user anytime during the code signing certificate lifecycle.

Get more code signing signatures

  1. In your CertCentral account, in the left main menu, go to Certificates > Orders.

  2. On the Orders page, select the order number for the code signing certificate you need to purchase more signatures for—a code signing certificate provisiond in DigiCert® KeyLocker.

  3. On the certificates Order details page, use one of the following options to start the signature purchase process:

    • In the Provisioning method section, under Signatures used, select Need to purchase more signatures?

    • In the banner at the top of the page, select Need to purchase more signatures?

  4. In the Signatures to purchase popup window, do the following:

    1. Under How many signatures do you need, select one of the following options:

      • 1,000 signatures

      • 5,000 signatures

      • 10,000 signatures

      • Custom

        Under Number of signatures, enter a number.

    2. Under How would you like to make the payment, select, a payment option.

    3. When ready, select Submit.

  5. You have successfully purchased more signature.

What's next

On the certificate's Order details page in the Provisioning method section, you should see the additional signatures under Signatures purchased and Signatures used. Additionally, you should see the signatures added to your certificate in KeyLocker.