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Discovery service integration with automation

Once CertCentral is configured for automation, it collects data from load balancers and web servers, which will be available in the central discovery inventory.

This information from automation is available alongside information discovered from other scans, such as a sensor or cloud scan, and is tagged under the Scan name: Automation upload.

Discovered information is updated when IP/port is configured to an application and subsequently when there is a change in this configuration.

Available information includes:

  1. Details of the end-entity certificate.

  2. Information on the chain (configured intermediate certificates).

  3. Details of protocols and ciphers used for the handshake (for web servers only).

  4. Details of protocols and ciphers enabled on the server (for load balancers only).

CertCentral does not delete the discovered information if the application or automation itself is removed from the target server.