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ACME automation workflow

Follow these steps to automate your certificate deployments using a third-party ACME client:

  1. Add ACME credentials in CertCentral

    Add ACME credentials for each type of certificate you want to request and deploy through the CertCentral ACME service.

    This step provides the ACME URL and External Account Binding (EAB) credentials needed to request DigiCert certificates via ACME. The same ACME credentials can be reused on multiple servers to deploy the same certificate product on each.

  2. Install third-party ACME client software

    Follow the third-party software provider's guidelines to install and configure your preferred ACME client on each server.

    You can use any ACME client compliant with ACME protocol version 2 (ACMEv2) to request certificates via the CertCentral ACME service. Examples are Certbot and win-acme.

  3. Request and manage certificates with ACME

    Initiate certificate requests with the third-party ACME client on your servers, using the ACME credentials obtained in CertCentral.

    The ACME client contacts DigiCert to request certificate issuance and then downloads and installs the resulting certificate for you.