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Add a user to your CertCentral account

  1. In your CertCentral account, in the sidebar menu, click Account > Users.

  2. On the Users page, click Add User.

  3. On the Add User page, in the User Details section, enter the new user's information.

  4. In the User Access section, assign the user a role and configure their division access if applicable:


    We recommend using the user's email address.

    Restrict this user to specific divisions

    Check this box if you want to restrict the role to specific divisions. (See Unrestricted versus restricted.)

    Note: This option only appears if you are using divisions in your CertCentral account.

    User is restricted to the following divisions

    Select the divisions to which the role is restricted.

    Note: This drop-down list only appears if you check Restrict this user to specific divisions.


    Select a role for the new user: Administrator, Standard User, Finance Manager, or Manager. (See Roles and account access.)

    Limit to placing and managing their own orders

    To create a Limited User role, select Standard User and check this box.

  5. When you are finished, click Add User.

What's next

The newly added user will receive an email with instructions for setting up their account credentials so they can sign in to their CertCentral account.