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Create and configure a subaccount

Before you begin

Make sure you meet these prerequisites:

  • Understand how subaccounts work. Introduction to subaccounts explains when it's appropriate to use subaccounts or divisions. Talk to your account manager to make sure subaccounts fit your needs.

  • Subaccounts are enabled on your account.


    All four types of subaccounts may not be available to you. Contact your account manager if you are missing a type you want to create.

  • You are signed in to your CertCentral account as an Administrator. No other user role can create subaccounts.

Create a subaccount

  1. In your CertCentral account, in the sidebar menu, click Subaccounts.

  2. On the Subaccounts page, click Create subaccount. Alternatively, you can send an email invitation.

  3. On the Create subaccount page, enter the account information for the subaccount.

    1. Select a subaccount type:

      Once a subaccount has been created, you need to contact your account manager to change its type. Only the following three subaccount types can be created in CertCentral. See Create Managed subaccounts.

      • Retail

        Gives the user a CertCentral Retail account. Intended for users that only have a few certificates and don't need complex certificate management or account management features. Not all CertCentral features are available in a Retail account.

      • Enterprise

        Gives the user a CertCentral Enterprise account. All features available to the parent account are available to this subaccount.

      • Reseller

        Gives the user a CertCentral Partner account. Select this type if your user is a certificate reseller. All features available to the parent account are available to this subaccount.

    2. Account manager (optional)

      Select a CertCentral user to manage this subaccount.

      By default, all administrators in your account can manage all subaccounts. To allow any other user role to manage this subaccount, set them as the account manager. An administrator can change this at any time.

    3. Allow this subaccount to create the following types of subaccounts

      The subaccount you are creating can create and manage subaccounts of their own.

    4. Subaccount contact

      Enter the contact information for the user that this subaccount is registered to.

    5. Organization details

      Enter the information about the organization to which this subaccount is registered.

    6. Product billing:

      You can change a subaccount's billing settings after it has been created, unless the subaccount has an assigned contract.

      1. Bill subaccount: Orders placed by the subaccount are invoiced and paid by the subaccount.

      2. Bill your account name: Orders placed by the subaccount are invoiced to and paid for by your account.

        Force subaccount children to bill the subaccount

        Subaccounts created by this subaccount to be billed to your account.


        Display the subaccount's pricing in their preferred currency. Note that this only affects the price displayed in the subaccount. The Parent account is still billed in its set currency.

        Product pricing

        Use default pricing: The subaccount receives standard pricing for all products in CertCentral.

        Customize pricing: Allows you to offer the subaccount unique pricing per product.

      3. Products:

        Choose which products are available to this subaccount. If you select Customize pricing, set the unique pricing for each product. This can be changed later.

What's next

DigiCert automatically sends an email to the subaccount contact with a link and instructions for setting up their account credentials (e.g., password).

On the subaccounts page, you can manage all your subaccounts. Click an organization name to edit subaccount details, change their billing settings, product pricing, and product availability.

To view orders placed by your subaccounts, go to the Subaccount orders page. In the sidebar menu, go to Subaccounts > Orders.