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Create a division

  1. In your CertCentral account, in the sidebar menu, click Account > Divisions.

  2. On the Divisions page, click New Division.

  3. On the New Division page, provide information about the new division:

    1. Name: Enter the division name.

    2. Description: Type a brief description that provides basic information about the division.

    3. Send renewal notifications to: Enter email addresses for those you want to receive certificate renewal notifications for this division (comma separated).


      Email addresses included in your account-wide notifications (see Account-wide notifications) and certificate renewal settings (see Configure Non-Escalation Renewal Notifications) receive all account renewal notifications. You don't need to add those same addresses here as well.

    4. Users restricted to this division: Select the users you want to restrict to the division.


      Users can be restricted to multiple divisions. Those not restricted to a division can access all divisions.

    5. Auto-Renewal User (optional)

      To prevent auto-renewal interruptions, set a default user for all division auto-renewal orders. This user replaces the original requester on all division auto-renewal certificate orders and helps prevent auto-renewal interruptions.

    6. Certificates can be ordered for:

      • All Organizations: Allow the division to request certificates for all organizations.

      • Specific Organizations: Restrict the division to specific organizations.

    7. Certificates can be ordered for:

      • All Domains: Allow the division to request certificates for all domains.

      • Specific Domains: Restrict the division to specific domains.

  4. When you are finished, click Save Division.

What's next

The new division appears on the Division page where you can return to update the division's details (e.g., what domains the division can order certificates for). When adding users to your account, you can assign them to the division. On the Orders and Request pages, you can filter the certificates and requests for that division.