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What are the most useful types of reports I can generate?

Get reports on orders, your balance history, FQDNs, domains, audit logs, and organizations

CertCentral reporting is a valuable asset for you because it lets you forecast upcoming certificate spend, helps prevent outages, and provides a clear understanding of their certificate landscape and inventory.

Report types


Examples of use


Run a report on all order data. This report contains all certificates that have been requested, regardless of status.

  • Find all orders expiring in the next 3 months

  • Find certificates expiring within the next 30 days

  • Find all certificate requestors and their contact details

  • Find all certificates for a specific product type

  • Find pending certificates that are not yet validated or issued

Balance history

Review account balance and keep track of historical spend.

  • Determine certificate spend

  • Get a full inventory of orders and costs

  • Determine which funds have been transferred to which divisions

  • Determine which division is spending the most on certificates

  • Determine what types of certificates are being ordered

  • Use previous spend from last year to predict future spend

  • For Partners: Determine currency of transactions; Receive balance reports


Monitor your total FQDN and wildcard usage.For those on an ELA, you can track your spend against the ELA.

  • Determine Consumption of FQDNs, (how many FQDNs have been used)

  • Provide historical consumption data to plan for future usage

  • Reconcile consumption against ELA contract


Generate domain reports with validation details.

  • Determine when domains are expiring

  • Get a list of all domains that are validated

  • Find domains that are not validated and why

  • Download which domains are associated with which organizations

Audit logs

Provide the CertCentral audit logs to your auditors.

  • Run reports on who has been logging into CertCentral and when they logged in

  • Run reports on failed login attempts to CertCentral

  • Find out who has been making and approving certificate requests

  • Find out who has created an API key for development access

  • Your security team sees a problem or a concern and wants to see who did what in CertCentral

  • You need to provide an audit report for a third party

  • Run and download audit reports on various CertCentral activities to help maintain compliance

  • Use our Report API to pull information into a third party like SIEM (security information event management) software or Splunk

  • Download a spreadsheet and transfer to a third party like Splunk, SIEM software


Generate an organization report which are validated or pending validation.

  • Look at the validity dates to see how long organizations are valid for

  • Find out which contacts are associated with each organization

  • Get organizations address and country details

  • Review type of validation for each organization (OV or EV). (You can have one or the other, or both per organization)