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Certificate lifecycle automation guides

CertCentral automation is designed to be flexible and scalable.

General information

For general information about the automation service:

Deployment options

How do you want to automate your certificate management?

CertCentral managed automation

To learn about the CertCentral managed automation solution:

Choose this option for:

  • Scalable and centralized management in CertCentral.

  • Easy installation and configuration with built-in ACME client.

  • Automatic ACME client software updates.

  • Flexibility to use with custom applications.

  • Automation profiles and policy management.

  • Automatic renewal at the end of the validity period.

  • Automatic validation that certificate was received and installed.

  • API integration.

Use a third-party ACME client

To learn about using a third-party ACME client for automation of DigiCert certificates:

Choose this option for:

  • Your own ACME client such as Certbot already installed and configured.

  • Limited deployment scale that allows you to manage all your endpoints one-by-one.

  • Automation actions initiated locally on each certificate host.

  • Ability to automate certificates from the local command-line interface (CLI).


If you need help or to report errors related to CertCentral managed automation, contact Support.

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