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Send a Guest URL to non-CertCentral account holders

Before you begin

A Guest certificate URL allows non-account holders to request certificates. After a guest orders a certificate, the request still needs your approval before it is submitted to DigiCert to process.

Send a Guest URL to non-CertCentral account holders

  1. In your CertCentral account in the sidebar menu, click Account > Guest Access.

  2. On the Guest access page, under Guest URLs, you can view all or some of the Guest URLs that you have created.

    1. To see all your Guest URLs, in the bottom right corner, below the list of URLs, click Show All.


      The Show All link only appears if you have created more than 10 Guest URLs.

    2. On the Guest URLs page, all Guest URLs are listed.

  3. To the right of the Guest URL that you want to share, click the Share this URL button (that is next to the Information button).

  4. In the Share URL window, in the or Send the Guest URL to the following email address box, type the email addresses (comma separated) of the guests to whom you want to send the Guest URL.

  5. When you are finished, click Email this URL.