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Automatic certificate renewal

During the certificate order process, you have an Auto-Renew option that allows you to automatically renew the certificate 30 days before it expires.

You can update this setting after we issue the certificate. To do so, open the order's Order # details pane and check (or uncheck) Auto-Renew for the certificate order.

Prevent Auto-Renew interruptions

Auto-Renew is disabled if the user who originally placed the order no longer has permission to renew the certificate (for instance, if the user was deleted from the account).

To prevent Auto-Renew interruptions, DigiCert recommends setting up a default Auto-Renewal User for the division's automatic certificate renewal orders. If you aren't using divisions in your account, you can set up a default Auto-Renewal User for your entireaccount. See Set default user for auto-renewal orders.