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Linux: Activate a sensor

Before you begin

  • Verify the sensor has been installed.

  • You must have experience working with Linux systems.

  • You must have root or admin permissions to activate the sensor.

  • You must have the necessary permissions in CertCentral.

See Discovery workflow and permissions.

Activate sensor

  1. Go to the installation directory and run

    For example:

    cd ccsensor


    Where ccsensor is the sensor installation directory.

  2. When asked to proceed with authentication, type y and enter your CertCentral username and password.

  3. Select the division you want to assign the sensor to.

    If you don't have divisions, we return the name of the organization for your account.

  4. When asked, enter a sensor name.

What's next?

You're ready to set up and run a scan using this sensor. See Set up and run a scan.