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Turn off CT logging for your account

Before you ask us to turn off CT logging for your account, make sure you understand the importance of logging TLS/SSL certificates to public CT logs and the consequences of keeping certificates out of these logs. See Keeping TLS/SSL certificates out of public CT logs.

Ideally, you should dedicate an entire account to ordering certificates you want kept out of public CT logs. You can then use multiple accounts to manage logged and not-logged TLS/SSL certificates.

We don’t recommend doing this if you only have a single account. This setup doesn’t provide a good workflow for issuing a certificate to CT logs when the time comes.


If CT logging is turned off for your only account, the only way to log a TLS/SSL certificate into the CT logs is to contact your Sales/Account representative and have them turn CT logging back on. Only then can you reissue/renew the certificate, allow it to be logged to public CT logs, and install it.

To turn CT logging off for your account, contact your Sales/Account representative.