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Configure OpenID Connect (OIDC) Single Sign-On

Before you begin

See prerequisites.

Configure certificate requests in OIDC

  1. Sign in to CertCentral.

  2. Select Settings in the left-hand menu. Select Single Sign-On.


    If you do not see Single Sign-On in your Settings menu, contact your DigiCert account representative or DigiCert support to have this access turned on.

  3. Select Set up OIDC.

  4. The OIDC setup page has two sections. Copy the values in section 1 to share with your identity provider.

  5. Enter the information in section 2 from your OIDC service.

    1. The first field, Provider friendly name, is a name that you give to this configuration. Use something that makes sense in your organization and will accurately identify the connection.

    2. Check Include my provider friendly name in the list of IdPs to allow your users to search for the name. If this is unchecked, users must have the login URL bookmarked, or must start with an IDP-initiated login.

    3. Your client credentials can be obtained from your IdP setup.

    4. The User mapping attribute is the piece of information that OIDC sends to confirm that you’re a legitimate user on this system. Use the attribute that matches your CertCentral usernames.

  6. Select Save SSO settings.

What's next?