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API access

The DigiCert​​®​​ Trust Lifecycle Manager REST API exposes endpoints for:

  • Certificate lifecycle management: enrollment, discovery, automation, and reporting.

  • PKI services: public and private certificate issuance for users, devices, servers, and other IT resources.


Both service users and regular users can access the Trust Lifecycle Manager API service. However, DigiCert recommends limiting API access to service users, as it helps track and regulate API requests.

API authentication methods

DigiCert​​®​​ Trust Lifecycle Manager supports the following API authentication methods:

  • Header-based API token authentication.

  • Authentication using a client authentication certificate.

Use either method to provide API access to service users or regular users.

Like other user access functions, you manage API access via DigiCert® Account Manager.

API access for service users

Make sure each service user is assigned to Trust Lifecycle Manager with the correct user roles.

An API token is automatically generated for each service user you create.

As an alternative API access option, create an authentication certificate for an existing service user.

API access for regular users

Make sure each user is assigned to Trust Lifecycle Manager with the correct user roles.

Existing users can create an API token to access the API.

As an alternative API access option, users can create an authentication certificate.

Learn more about the API

View the API reference for DigiCert​​®​​ Trust Lifecycle Manager from the Resources menu.

The API reference provides detailed instructions for accessing the API service, along with descriptions and examples for all the API endpoints.