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Disable CT log monitoring urgent notification

Disable urgent email notifications for a certificate authority (CA)

By default, CT log monitoring sends urgent notifications within minutes any time a non-DigiCert SSL/TLS certificate is issued for a domain on the Secure Site Pro certificate order.

If needed, you can disable urgent email notifications for a certificate authority (CA).

Disable urgent notifications for a specific issuing CA

  1. In your CertCentral account, in the left main menu, go to Certificates > Orders.

  2. On the Orders page, click the Secure Site Pro certificate's order number link.

  3. On the certificate's Order details page in the CT log dropdown, select Manage notifications.

  4. On the Manage CT monitoring notifications page, locate the issuing CA you want to disable urgent notifications for. Click Manage notifications.

  5. In the Manage CT log notification preferences panel on the right, check Disable email notifications for "CA Name".

  6. Click Submit.

What's next

The next time that CA issues a certificate for the domain, you won't receive an urgent notification about the event.