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CertCentral account balance and PO process changes

DigiCert strives to improve and enhance CertCentral® (certificate management platform). On September 5, 2017, we made important changes to the way account balance and purchase order (PO) processes work in your CertCentral account. These changes (listed below) increase the controls over the purchase order (PO) process, as well as reduce confusion and improve transparency over invoicing and payment application in your account balance.

These changes were not retroactive. They did not affect POs submitted before September 5, 2017, nor any credits applied to your account for those POs.

Account balance to increase once payment is received

We changed the way the purchase order (PO) process works. The process now works as follows:

  • When you submit a PO, DigiCert will create and send an invoice to you.

  • Funds will only be made available in your account as you make a payment towards or pay off the invoice in full.

Credit limit to apply to account balance and outstanding POs

We changed the way invoicing and the account balance process work. The process now works as follows:

  • POs for account balance will not count against your credit limit. However, funds will only be made available as payments are received (full and partial).

  • Orders paid with account balance and deposits made to account balance will be tied to invoices to provide needed clarity over which orders are included on specific invoices and how pending payments have been applied to each invoice.

  • In an emergency, you can purchase a certificate out of contract before the PO has been paid in full, as long as you have enough available credit remaining in your credit limit.


A CertCentral account defaults to a $2,000 credit limit. This credit limit can be increased, but you will need to talk to your Account Representative and complete a credit review.

If you have questions, contact your account manager who will answer your questions and discuss any concerns you have.

We thank you for being a valued DigiCert customer. We look forward to providing you the best service and support for your digital certificate needs.