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SAML: Generate your client certificate


Currently, only Microsoft Internet Explorer supports CSR generation for client certifiate installation. If you need to use Firefox to generate your certificate, use version 68 or older, Firefox ESR, or a portable copy of Firefox. For more information, see our knowledgebase article Keygen support to be dropped with Firefox 69.

Before you begin

  • Have the "Create Your DigiCert…Certificate" email.

    After DigiCert issues your client certificate, you should receive a Create Your DigiCert…Certificate email. This email contains a link that takes you to the Generate your DigiCert…Certificate page, where you will generate your client certificate.

    If you misplace this email, contact your administrator so they can resend it.

  • Have a supported browser installed on your computer.

    If you don't have a version of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox version 68 or older, Firefox ESR, or a portable copy of Firefox installed on your computer, contact your administrator.

Generate your client certificate

  1. Go to the "Generate your DigiCert Certificate" page

    1. Open the Create Your DigiCert…Certificate email.

    2. Click the link in the email to open the Generate your DigiCert Certificate page.

  2. Generate your certificate

    1. On the Generate your DigiCert Certificate page, verify the information is correct: name, email address, etc.

    2. Read through the Subscriber Agreement and check I agree to the terms of the subscriber agreement.

    3. Click Generate Certificate.

What's next

You can start using your client certificate to authenticate your identity.

Are you using the certificate for email signing or encryption? You can export a copy of the certificate from the OS or browser's certificate store, or you can download a copy of the certificate from your SAML Client Certificates page. See Download a copy of your client certificate.