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Deactivate an account credit card

Want to stop using a credit card added to your CertCentral account? You can deactivate the card. Deactivating a credit card doesn't delete the card from your CertCentral account. You can't delete a credit card saved to your account.

When you deactivate a credit card, these things happen:

  • The card is now listed as Inactive on the Credit Cards page (in the sidebar menu, click Finances > Credit Cards). Once the card is inactive, you can't use it for any further transactions.

  • The card can't be reactivated. To use the card again, you will need to add it as a new card.


When deactivating the default credit card for your CertCentral account, you must select a different card to use as your default credit card.

  1. In your CertCentral account, go to the Credit Cards page.

    In the sidebar menu, click Finances > Credit Cards.

  2. On the Credit Cards page, locate the card you want to deactivate. In its Card Name column, click the card name link.

  3. In the Credit Card detail pane (on the right), click the Deactivate Card link.

  4. In the Deactivate Card window, under Deactivating this card will prevent it from being used for purchases. It cannot be reactivated, click Deactivate.


Once you deactivate a credit card, you can't reactivate it. To use that credit card again, you must add it to your account as a new one.