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Certificate profiles

To enroll certificates through DigiCert​​®​​ Trust Lifecycle Manager, you first need to create certificate profiles. A certificate profile defines the general configuration options for each type of certificate you can enroll, including the:

  • Issuing CA

  • Enrollment method

  • Authentication method

  • Business unit

  • Certificate fields

  • Cryptographic settings

Trust Lifecycle Manager provides base templates to help you create profiles. To create a new certificate profile, you select a base template as the starting point and customize it to suit your specific business needs.

When you enroll a certificate from your Trust Lifecycle Manager account, you select a general certificate profile to use and then provide additional details such as the common name that are specific to that individual certificate.

Each certificate profile has an associated seat type that it inherits from the base template used to create that profile. When you enroll a certificate, it consumes the seat type associated with the selected certificate profile.