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Multi-year Plans

DigiCert® Multi-year Plans (MyP) allow you to pay a single price for up to three years of SSL/TLS certificate coverage. With Multi-year Plans, you pick the SSL/TLS certificate, the duration of coverage you want, and the certificate validity. Until the plan expires, you reissue your certificate at no cost each time it reaches the end of its validity period.


On October 31, 2023, DigiCert will stop selling 4 – 6-year Multi-year Plans for TLS certificates and Verified Mark Certificates (VMCs). We will continue to offer 1, 2, and 3-year Multi-year Plans.

Learn more about the changes to Multi-year Plan coverage.

Coverage limitations

Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) and Flat Fee contracts only support 1- and 2-year Multi-year Plans.

Domain and organization validation

Depending on the length of your plan and the type of certificate you choose, you may need to revalidate your domain and organization multiple times during your Multi-year Plan.

Reissuing certificates in a Multi-year Plan

When the active certificate for a Multi-year Plan is about to expire, you reissue the certificate to maintain your SSL/TLS coverage.

When you reissue certificates for a Multi-year Plan, you can do the following:

  • Set a new expiration date for the reissued certificate.

    The maximum validity period for a reissued certificate is the maximum certificate lifetime defined by CA/B Forum baseline requirements or the end of the Multi-year Plan, whichever is sooner.

  • Change or remove domains.

    Removing and changing domains requires DigiCert to revoke all previously issued certificates. DigiCert waits 48-72 hours before revoking the original certificate and any existing duplicates and reissues.

  • Add domains.

    Adding domains may result in additional costs. Prices for new domains are pro-rated and applied based on the remaining time in the Multi-year Plan.

Extending a Multi-year Plan

You can extend your SSL/TLS coverage by renewing your Multi-year Plan before it expires.