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Enable automatic certificate request approvals

By default, your CertCentral account is configured for one-step certificate request approvals. However, you can set up automatic certificate request approvals for anyone with permissions to approve certificate requests.


This feature is only applicable to administrators and managers. By default, all admins and managers can approve TLS/SSL certificate requests.

Note: For an admin or manager to approve EV SSL certificate requests, they must also be an EV verified contact.

Enable automatic certificate approvals

  1. In your CertCentral account, in the sidebar menu, select Settings > Preferences.

  2. On the Division Preferences page, scroll down and expand Advanced Settings.

  3. In the Certificate Requests section, under Approval Steps, select One step: certificate requests must be approved.

  4. Check Automatically approve certificate requests when the requester is also an approver.

  5. At the bottom of the page, select Save Settings.