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Add public and private root and intermediate CAs

Upload public, private root, and intermediate CAs to Discovery, so you can get a more accurate security rating for the certificates chained to them.

Before you begin

Discovery downgrades the certificate's security rating if is unable to locate a certificate's root and intermediate CAs.

To improve the certificate's security rating, upload a copy of the certificate's intermediate and root CAs. The next time Discovery runs a scan that includes that certificate, you'll get a more accurate rating.


Discovery supports these certificate file formats: .der and .cer

Add a root or intermediate CA certificate

  1. In CertCentral, in the left main menu, click Discovery > Manage Discovery.

  2. On the Manage scans page, in the More actions dropdown, click Manage root and intermediate CAs.

  3. On the Root and intermediate CAs page, click Add root or intermediate.

  4. In the Add root or intermediate CA window, under CA type, select the certificate type: Private or Public.

  5. Click Browse to find the CA certificate.

  6. Click Add.

What's next

The root or intermediate CA certificate is uploaded to your account. The next time Discovery runs a scan that includes the certificate, the certificate's security rating will be updated.