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Approve a certificate request

Before you begin

  • Only an EV Verified User can approve EV SSL, EV Multi-Domain, Secure Site EV SSL, and Secure Site EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificate requests.

  • Only an EC CS Verified User can approve EV Code Signing Certificate requests.

  • Only a CS Verified User can approve Code Signing Certificate requests.

Approve a certificate request

  1. In your CertCentral account, in the sidebar menu, click Certificates > Requests.

  2. On the Requests page, use the dropdown lists, search box, and column headers to filter the list of requests.

  3. In the Order # column, click the Order number link of the certificate requests that you want to approve.

  4. In the Order # details pane (on the right), review the request information, certificate information, etc. Verify that all information is correct. Then, click Approve.

  5. In the Approve Request window, type an Approval Comment. Then, click Approve.

What's next

On Certificates > Orders, your certificate is listed as Pending.

If all validation is complete and no further validation is required, the certificate is issued to your account within minutes.