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Update mobile number, email and/or generate QR code for 2FA

When you set up your credentials and want to use a mobile authenticator, you can choose to update your mobile number, email and/or generate a new QR code for the new credential or reuse a previous one. Make sure you keep the QR code safe so that you can easily retrieve and reuse it for future credentials.


Your location and account configuration determines which options you can view on this page. Any changes to this information will affect all credentials for this account.

  1. Sign in to DigiCert ONE.

  2. Navigate to the Manager menu (grid icon top-right) > Document Trust.

  3. In the left navigation menu, select Credentials > Update mobile number and QR code.

  4. Select the checkbox next to the item you want to update:

    • Select Update mobile number to enter new mobile number.

    • Select Update email to enter new email address.

    • Select Update QR code to generate a new QR code.


      Do not select this checkbox if you want to continue using your existing QR code.

  5. Select Update.

You are ready to use your mobile number and scan the new QR code with your mobile authenticator application to set up 2FA.