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Vouchers are prepaid codes that are redeemable for a pre-configured SSL certificate product. DigiCert partners can order vouchers, which can be redeemed by any new or existing CertCentral account. Contact your account manager if you want to offer vouchers.

Order a single voucher or in bulk. Each voucher ordered has a unique code that is redeemable once.

Vouchers workflow

Vouchers are intended for selling certificate entitlements to customers that either want to use their own account or don’t know which account they want to purchase the certificates for.

  1. Configure and purchase voucher code(s) for your customer.

  2. Distribute the voucher code(s) to your customer. From your CertCentral account, voucher codes can be copied individually or downloaded in a batch, as CSV files. Then manually send them to your customer.

  3. Track the status of your voucher codes. Vouchers automatically expire a year after purchase and must be redeemed by your customer before expiration.

Purchase a voucher

Vouchers can only be purchased by DigiCert partners with the voucher feature enabled.

  1. Go to Finances > Vouchers Codes. Click Add New Voucher.

  2. Enter an optional Customer name and Notes to track which customer or organization a voucher order is intended for, and pertinent information (such as an invoice number).

    Each voucher order you place should be used by a single customer. If you need to order vouchers for multiple customers, place separate orders for each customer.

  3. For each voucher you want to order, select:

    • Quantity

    • Certificate type

    • Validity

    • Number of FQDNs and wildcards

  4. To add another certificate to your order, click Add another product. The price of each certificate product is shown in the table. In the Transaction Summary, the total price of your order is shown.

  5. In the Payment information section, select a payment type.

  6. Click Submit.

Distribute vouchers

After purchasing voucher codes, distribute them to your customer to be redeemed. You must do this manually via email, or another preferred method.

  1. On the Vouchers management page, find the voucher order you want to distribute.

  2. Click Download CSV for a CSV file of all the voucher codes in that voucher order,


    Click the Order ID. Check Show codes to reveal the complete voucher code. Click Download PDF for a formatted coupon that contains the voucher code, product details, and terms of use.

CertCentral automatically tracks the status of your voucher codes. The four statuses are:

  • Valid – unused

  • Valid – used

  • Expired

  • Canceled

How your customers can redeem vouchers

After you distribute voucher codes to a customer, they can redeem them by clicking or entering the unique voucher code URL for each voucher they received, into their browser. The user will need to sign in or create a new CertCentral account.

Vouchers are marked as Used when the customer places their certificate request. If a certificate is canceled or revoked within 30 days of the request date, a new request can be placed.

Cancel vouchers

Voucher orders can be canceled for a full refund if all of the following conditions are met:

  • The voucher order was placed within 30 days of cancelation.

  • No voucher code that is part of the order has been redeemed prior to cancelation.

  • The entire voucher bundle must be canceled together. Individual voucher codes in a bundle cannot be canceled or changed.

  • The voucher is not expired.

To cancel a voucher order:

  1. Go to Finances > Vouchers Codes.

  2. Find the voucher order you want to cancel.

  3. Click the Order ID.

  4. Click Cancel order, and confirm the cancelation. All voucher codes in this order will be canceled. It is not possible to cancel or change individual products or codes in an order.