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With the CertCentral Subaccount commissions feature, you can create, send, and manage referral links, and earn a percentage of sales made through your links. This feature is designed for affiliate marketers or other resellers who want to refer their customers to DigiCert, without getting involved in certificate ordering or customer support.

When a customer completes a purchase with DigiCert using your referral link, your commission is automatically recorded and paid out to you at the end of the month (depending on how you choose to be paid). Customers who purchase a certificate through your referral link become DigiCert customers.

To become a DigiCert affiliate marketer or reseller, apply to get your CertCentral account with the commissions feature enabled. A CertCentral account with the commission feature enabled cannot have specific CertCentral features, including the ability to create subaccounts. Additionally, the account cannot be an Enterprise or Partner account.

Referral links

The first step in earning a commission is creating and distributing a referral link. Then, send the referral link to your customers or share it through your affiliate marketing channels, such as your website. Similar to other referral systems, referral links are unique to your account and must be used so DigiCert can recognize and reward your commission.


The referral ID is persistent for your account and displayed on this page as your Reseller ID. You can use the same link for all your sales or users.

  1. In your CertCentral account, in the sidebar menu, click Subaccounts > Referral links.

  2. On the Reseller links page, select which product you would like the user to be able to order from the Product type dropdown.

    Create referral links for a specific product or allow a customer to chose from any of the products enabled in your account.

  3. The link is automatically generated in the Referral link box. Click the link to copy it.


    You can use the same link repeatedly for all your sales or users.

  4. Ensure you are properly displaying the required Legal disclaimer shown on the Referral links page.

Earned and pending commissions

In your CertCentral account, in the sidebar menu, click Subaccounts > Commissions. On the Subaccount commissions page you can view the following:

  • Total commission earned and Total bonus earned.

    Displays your account's lifetime total of commission and bonus (only applicable to the Account credit payout method) you've earned.

  • Current month's commission:

    The more sales you make in a month, the larger the percentage commission you earn on each sale. The current month's percentage and sales are shown here. Select View details to see the required number of sales needed in a month for each tier.

  • Commission details table:

    Summarizes your commission total for each month, along with the commission paid (and bonus amount, if applicable) and the date it was paid. Click a month to see all the orders you earned commission on during that month. This table shows the last year of paid commissions. Use the Date paid (range) filter to view your older commission history.

    Only completed months are shown here. To see orders from the current month which have been placed but have not yet qualified for a commission, click Pending commission order details.

Payout settings

You can receive payouts for your earned commissions via an account credit (recommended and default option) or a check. You can change your payout method for your earned commissions.

  1. In your CertCentral account, in the sidebar menu, go to Subaccounts > Commissions.Then click Commission settings.

  2. On the Manage payout settings page, you can change your payout method: Account credit or Check.

    Read the information about each payout method carefully. This impacts your tax liability and total commission received.

  3. When you are done click Save preference.