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CertCentral: Customize your account password settings

You must be a CertCentral administrator to customize the password settings for your CertCentral account.

Before you begin

Before you customize your password requirements, make sure your choices align with company policy.

Customize your password settings

  1. In your CertCentral account, in the left main menu, go to Settings > Authentication Settings.

  2. On the Authentication settings page, on the Default settings tab, under Password settings, update the following settings as needed.

    Table 1. Password settings



    Minimum length

    • 10 character minimum*

    • 12 character minimum

    • 15 character minimum

    • 18 character minimum

    • 20 character minimum

    Minimum Categories

    • Require 3 of the following: Upper, Lower, Number, Symbol*

    • Require the following: Upper, Lower, Number, Symbol

    Expires after

    • No expiration*

    • 60 days

    • 90 days

    • 120 days

    • 6 months

    • 1 year

    • 18 months

    • 2 years

    • 3 years

    * Default setting

  3. When ready, select Save.

What's next

The next time a user updates their password, changes to the minimum password length and categories will be enforced. The Expires after setting goes into effect when a password reaches the new requirement.