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Add a manager with the SAML permission

Before you begin

  • You must be an administrator in your account.

  • Have SAML enabled for your account.

  • Have the user's information: Name, email, phone and job title.

  • For accounts with divisions, you must know what divisions to assign them to (all, one, etc.).

You don't need SAML Single Sign-on configured for your account to assign a manager the SAML permission. However, you must have SAML Single Sign-on enabled for your account. See SAML single sign-on prerequisites.

Add a manager

  1. Go to the Add User page

    1. In the sidebar menu, click Account > Users.

    2. On the Users page, click Add User.

  2. In the User details section, enter the user's information.


    Do you want the manager to be a verified contact for EV SSL or Code Signing certificate orders? Make sure to provide their phone number and job title.

  3. In the User Access section, verify the username and define what the user can access in your account. Check Allow access to SAML settings to assign the user the SAML permission.

    1. Only allow this user to log in through SAML SSO:

      Don't check this box unless you have SAML Single Sign-on configured for your account. Without SSO, the new manager won't be able to sign in to their CertCentral account.

      Once SAML Single Sign-on is configured, you can always convert the manager to a SAML SSO-only user if needed. See How to Convert “Regular” and SSO-only Type Users Accounts.

    2. Role:

      You can only assign the SAML permission to the Manager and Finance Manager roles.

  4. When you are finished, select Add User.

What's next

Managers who aren't restricted to Single Sign-on account access will be sent an email with instructions for completing their CertCentral account setup and signing in.

SAML SSO-only users will be sent an email with the custom SSO URL for signing into their account.


Are you using an IdP initiated login URL to sign in to your CertCentral account? You need to provide the new manager with this IdP initiated URL or application.